Project "Wang Pirang-Pirang Ongko Papat"

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Desire To Reposses

So, after almost a week in the workshop, I came out fresh again to be return to my master. This time after the workshop foremen repaired my air-cond. and my memory seat problems. My butt was also installed with white reverse sensor!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not Desire To Be Repaired

Mr LL called my master again this afternoon, asking my master to send me to the workshop for repairing my driver memory seat and aircon knocking sound problems. Furthermore, my master requested Mr LL to install a reverse sensor at my butt. But Mr LL told him that the sensor is normally black, so he might ask the workshop to paint it white to match my body, but it may reduce its effectiveness.

My master told Mr LL to pick me up at his office tomorrow morning.


Desire To Back Seat

My master drove me back to KL this early morning from JB. My master stopped me at Ayer Keroh Rest Area for a short sleep. However, due to my driver memory seat problem, my master couldn't sleep at it and tried to lay down at the back seat. Without waiting long, my master, who was getting tired, already snored comfortably at my back .. zzz


Monday, November 20, 2006

Desire To Read Manual

Since I was coming from Japan, my driving manuals are all in Japanese language. My master already requested Mr LL to provide him the English version, but Mr LL said he could try to make a photostate copy if he can find one. So, for my master, while waiting for the photostate copy, he could glance through my Japanese manual.

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Desire To Hear Music

My master is on leave today for the purpose of showing me off. He sent his wife to her office and on the way back he bought a couple of classic Malay musics, ie. "Memory Hit Search vs Wings" and "Alleycats 40 Hit Nombor 1" for RM38.20 in cassettes format.

Talking about my radio cassettes, my master keeps complaining. Since the radio frequency is up to 90.00 MHz, he could only hear a few Malay radio stations, ie. Sinar FM and Ria FM (Singapore).

"There is no CD player, laa abah", said one of his sons. Argggh!


Desire To Consume Fuel

Like my master's other new cars, he got me with barely few fuel left in my tank from the stingy dealer. So, the first time he filled me up with unleaded fuel of RM50, it not even up to the 1/4 of my tank! Hence, the second top-me-up of RM100 got me full. The price of the unleaded fuel currently is RM1.92 per liter.

From my master previous experience with my type of model, our consumption is almost the same as his family car, Toyota Unser. It maybe because of the same cc of 1.8 we have. For example, we consumed about RM50 for the distance from KL to JB of 350km (compare to normal 1.5 sedans, consumption of RM30).

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Desire To Reverse

After driving me for quite some time for the last couple of days, my master complained about me. He told his wife that he used driving cars with reverse sensor and mentioned about his previous Merc having front and back sensors! Even his other cheaper cars got sensors! This got me jealous maa..
His wife told him to install the reverse sensor because he almost hit her Honda while reversing me this morning!

Desire To Quiet

So today, my master asked his dad to 'jalan-jalan' with me.
The first reaction from his dad from inside my cabin was:
"wah! bunyi enjin pun tak dengar laa.."
translated into:
he cannot hear my engine's roaring laa..

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Desire To Be A Model

This afternoon, my master was restless about me. Nothing else he wanted to do except to examine me and take some pictures of my body, in and out! So, here are some of my sexy and elegant pictures and ..

and see, there is no 'suratkhabar lama' which were placed under my pedal last time.. He he

Friday, November 17, 2006

Desire For Driving Me

My master called Mr LL and being told that I was ready to be driven away today.
Actually my master was very busy this morning because of his job presentation. Therefore, he came to the showroom late in the afternoon and examined me and he was very excited.

Mr LL told him about one of the problems I have right now, especially on some tapping noises on my air-conditioner. And when my master checked further and wanted to adjust my seat, the electronically adjustable driver memory seat was not functioning. Damn! This made my master upset. However, he still wanted to drive me and told Mr LL to return me by next week to remedy my problems.

So, for the first time, my master drove me to JB from Kg Baru alone!

Note: my mileage, 27,596km

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Desire To Be At JPJ

This morning, Mr LL called my master, asking him to be present at JPJ to register my new number. In the afternoon, my master met the runner and after filling up the simple form at the counter, my master left for the office.
Before my master left, the runner told him that he will pass my new roadtax and documents to Mr LL and my master can drive me home tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still Waiting With Desire

I just came back from the Custom. Everything was fine. Now, we have to wait for the Custom documents to be returned to Naza office.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Desire To Install Tinted Windows

Mr LL called my master again this afternoon. I was at the showroom, and Mr LL wanted my master to give him advanced payment (in full) for the Llumar tinted windows film and the security Captor RF system.
My master argued that my windows already looked dark and no need to install tinted films except at my back. However, Mr LL told him that the LLumar tinted films are very special product, because they are hard to break into.
My master came to the showroom to look at me before I was sent for inspection to Custom in Port Klang tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Desire To Show Off

I am still in the workshop for the new make-up.
Mr LL already registered my "Wang Pirang Pirang" number and we are still waiting to get duty clearance from the Custom. Cannot tahan to wait maaa..

Friday, November 03, 2006

Desire To Make Up

This morning, my master called Mr LL of Naza. My master asked Mr LL's favor to go to JPJ to arrange for my registration number by giving Mr LL his necessary documents.

Yesterday, I was sent to a workshop for a make up, ie waxing, polishing, etc. Wow, I am going to get a new face!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Desire To Get The Letter

This afternoon, my master went to JPJ Wangsa Maju, just for getting the letter from JPJ about the succesful bid. The letter congratulated my master, and told my master to pay for the balance payment within the next 21 days from receiving the letter. After that, my master has another 3 months to register the number into a new car, that is ME !

There were too many people queing up to register for the WPP plate numbers. So, the guard advised my master to come again tomorrow.

WPP 1 RM90,000
WPP 2 RM28,300
WPP 3 RM31,300
WPP 5 RM20,300
WPP 6 RM20,120
WPP 7 RM28,100
WPP 8 RM30,800
WPP 9 RM30,500

as at Thu Nov 2 17:35:00 2006 WPP361