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Monday, January 29, 2007

Demo Test 2: E-280

While the last 2 tests of Mercedes Benz cars was without my master’s golden son, my master wanted very much to do the latest test with him. So yesterday, after shopping at Giant Plentong, my master drove me to the nearby NZ Wheels without appointment.

Mr Norain of NZ Wheels was also very happy to let my master do the test of E-Class right away because the car is available. Mr Norain also asked my master whether he wanted to test the E-200 or E-280 type. My master chose the E-280.

Together with his golden son, my master and Mr Norain drove the E-280 car around to Megah Ria junction and back to the showroom. There are not much difference between the E-class that my master test with my type, except there are sun roof, back seat separate air-cond controller, new style steering wheel and etc. But the most difference is the engine power!

After testing the E-class, Mr Norain invited my master and his golden son for some pizzas and drinks from Pizza Hut. And on the way out of the showroom, Mr Norain also gave my master the new Mercedes-Benz free t-shirt. ‘Thank you very much,’ said my master.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Demo Test 1: S-350

Yesterday, Mr NG of Cycle & Carriage Bintang Tampoi called my master about the car demo availability of S-Class. Due to the short notice, initially my master was reluctant to do the test, but since Mr NG told him that the demo car will be leaving to KL that evening, my master changed his mind.

So, my master went to the showroom at Tampoi at 14.00 hrs. Mr NG was happy to show and assist him on testing the S-Class and my master drove the car around Danga Bay U-turn, Perling Junction and back to the showhouse. There are so many unnecessary gadgets installed on the S-Class compare to my type. And the bottom line was the car price is almost RM1 million!

While on the way back to my master house (while driving me of course!), I overheard my master’s wife said about the back passenger seat comfortability: ‘Besar sangat kete tuh laa.. Duduk kat belakang tadi boleh tenggelam!’


Monday, January 22, 2007

Petronas Car Craze

This afternoon, while my master was filling my tank with Petronas gas, he was dreaming to win the BMW in the Petronas Car Craze contest.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One Digit

Last evening, when my master stopped by at Petronas gas station, an Indian boy talked about my registration number.

"I know how much you bought that number", he told my master that he is a runner, who always run around JPJ all the time.

"But with one digit number, it's hard to buy a nombor ekor laaa!", he said again.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

MB & Floods

This morning, my master was having breakfast at mamak stall with his family. After that, my master went straight to his kampong to visit his parent's predicament about the worst flood ever.

My master visited his old primary school, Sekolah Kebangsaan Melayu Raya, as it turned out to be a relief centre. By looking at me, people including his old kampong's friend greeted him like Menteri Besar!

At noon, my master went to Pontian to visit his son at his boarding school. After that, he went to Rengit to visit his cousin but they were not home.

At 5.30pm, my master drove me to a wet market near to his house, but rather than joining his wife's went shopping, he slept inside me for half an hour. Z z z z ...

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

MRTA for Car Loan?

This morning, my master's friend asked him about MRTA for car loan. He said his banker asking to buy the MRTA, so that when he died, the bank will not seized his car.

So, my master called Mr LL and informed him that he never dealt with the MRTA for car loan. But, Mr LL will ask his colleagues about that.

My master also asked Mr LL about his insurance NCD refund which is due by this month. Mr LL said that the cheque is ready, waiting signature from his boss.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Previous To Do List 1

* Spare Tyre Replacement - Done 7 Jan 2007
* Repair 3: brake pad, turn signal (F/L), mudguard - Done 13/12
* Repair 2: knockg sound at steering wheel - Done 30/11
* Repair 1: aircond, reverse sensor, memory seat - Done 23/11
* Driving Me - Done 17/11
* JPJ Me - Done 16/11
* Puspakom Me - Done 16/11
* Custom Me - Done 14/11
* My Duty Clearance - Done 15/11
* Make Up Me - Done 8/11
* Tender My Number - Done 20/10
* Downpayment Me - Done 19/10
* Booking Me - Done 3/10


Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Spare Tyre

Two weeks ago, my master called Mr LL of Naza about an English user manual and unusable spare tyre. However about the spare tyre, Mr LL told my master that he cannot do anything because the car is "what it is" basis when my master bought it.

This afternoon, my master went to a tyre workshop buying a new Goodyear tyre: 195/60-15. Before that when he checked the existing spare tyre, it was flat and worn-out!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Test for Comfort

My master was obsessed to test another Mercedes Benz today. So, he went to the Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad Jalan Skudai this morning.

Actually my master wanted to test-drive S-class Mercedes Benz, however, the salesman told him to wait for another week for the demo car to arrive. Therefore, my master just tested the E-280 demo car around Jalan Skudai, to Danga Bay and back to Perling Junction. The salesman asked my master to test the power of E-class model, but my master politely told him that he was not into that kind of interest. My master liked to drive car with comfort and leisure, not for speed or power. There are not much differences between the E-class and C-class models, except the former got the sunroof, parktronic sensors and power options.

So, I agree.

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